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The purpose of this application is to handle events with custom python scripts. The main interface is an interactive python console with programmable commands and plug-in modules. It is based on a publisher/subscriber messaging pattern, so all the scripts can emit and listen to this event channels.

The application uses a Twisted internet reactor with a graphical user interface, to create a portable application including a python interpreter and a set of frozen python packages, mainly:

  • The GUI and pubsub: WXPython 4 Phoenix
  • Protocols: Twisted, Autobahn, Paho
  • CMD2: Console commands
  • CX_Freeze: to build the frozen portable enviroment

Adata can run its own web server with websockets. This allows to push data to connected web pages acting both as live data display and remote event emmiters.

Use examples:
  • Use tablets as remote information display.
  • Send and receive data from IoT devices.
  • Check periodicaly databases and files.
  • Scrap information from one or more pages.
  • Render your custom web page.

The full frozen release also includes many other packages like Requests, LXML, BeautifoulSoup, Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Selenium, SQL and Spreadsheet packages.


adata Adata portable frozen event handling enviroment.
adata.cmd Adata interactive interpreter
adata.core Helpers and base class for WX applications.
adata.mqtt MQTT Client
adata.pubsub Publisher Subscriber framework
adata.gui WX 4 Phoenix application
adata.gui.text Console emulation using scintilla.
adata.tasks Threads and processes
tests Tests suite.
build CX_Freeze configuration and included packages.

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