adata.cmd module

Adata interactive interpreter

class Commands(app)

Bases: cmd2.Cmd

Adata interactive interpreter: execute command, script or code.

Define new commands creating do_ methods.

Parameters:app (adata.core.Application) – The main application.

About cmd2: An easy but powerful framework for writing line-oriented command interpreters.

Extends the Python Standard Library’s cmd package by adding a lot of useful features to the out of the box configuration.

Line-oriented command interpreters are often useful for test harnesses, internal tools, and rapid prototypes.


Attach a interactive input handler to a Console instance.

Handler resolve order:
  1. first word is a command listed in help: This cmd2 do method
  2. first word is a script file: import or reload
  3. else: python standard code.InteractiveInterpreter
Parameters:console (adata.gui.text.Console) – The console.
Return type:Commands

usage: dir [-h] [-f [FILTER]] [something]

Attributes table.

positional arguments:
something to inspect
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f [FILTER], –filter [FILTER]
Output only line matches

Load or reload a python module.

Parameters:cmd (string) – Module name.
Returns:Module imported without errors
Return type:bool

Does a do_name method exist?

Returns:Attribute exists.
Return type:bool

List file names in the /scripts folder.

poutput(msg, end='\n')

Adata override of cmd2.Cmd.poutput method: print to console.

default_to_shell = False
dir_parser = ArgumentParser(prog='dir', usage=None, description='Attributes table.', formatter_class=<class 'argparse.HelpFormatter'>, conflict_handler='error', add_help=True)
stdout = <adata.pubsub.Output object>
class Interpreter(locals=None)

Bases: code.InteractiveInterpreter

Base class for InteractiveConsole.

This class deals with parsing and interpreter state (the user’s namespace); it doesn’t deal with input buffering or prompting or input file naming (the filename is always passed in explicitly).


Adata override: pubsub event send.

Parameters:text – Output
dir_pretty(var, grep=None)

Pretty dir command

read_file(path, encoding='utf-8')

Prints a text file


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